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ShiftLeft Scan is a free open-source security tool for modern DevOps teams. With an integrated multi-scanner based design, ShiftLeft Scan can detect various kinds of security flaws in your application and infrastructure code in a single fast scan. The kind of flaws detected are:

  • Credentials Scanning to detect accidental secret leaks
  • Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) for a range of languages and frameworks
  • Open-source dependencies audit
  • Licence violation checks


Scan supports a range of integration options: from scanning the code on your IDE to scanning every build and pull-request in the CI/CD pipelines.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

Full list of supported languages is as follows:

  • Salesforce Apex
  • Bash
  • Go
  • Java
  • JSP
  • Node.js
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Python
  • Rust (Dependency and Licence scan alone)
  • Terraform
  • Salesforce Visual Force
  • Apache Velocity

In addition, support for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks such as Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, Kubernetes is also available. Scanning for more additional languages is in the works.

Start with your use case

  • Read more about secure development and best practices with scan for a range of languages
  • Read more about the SARIF format used by scan for integration with any existing tools such as Semmle

Last update: May 9, 2020